Penderyn Square, Saturday 27 2017



Plasterscene, the awesome foursome, are made up of Caiman - A fun loving, former professional wrestler, turned singer/songwriter and all out crazy dude. Kent - A lifelong lover of music who once admitted in a radio interview that he was influenced by "girly pop", guitarist and producer for the band. Chicken - A fast fingered, bass strumming, head bobbing member of the band, not just playing but owning that bass. Then last, but by no means least…. JimBob - The 4th man to sit on that all important stool, dropping the beats for Plasterscene. He came along to that one rehearsal and it just felt right. Since then, he has been informed that he is not to leave the band until death do us part. Plasterscene formed in 2014 and have since released two EP's (Head full of toys & #believeinthescene) and two singles (Black sheep & Intoxicated) (Intoxicated is released on 02/12/16). Their music has been played on radio stations worldwide in countries such as UK, Ireland, Australia, USA and Japan. They have played in gigs ranging in audience size from 15 - 15000 (no that's not a typo). Plasterscene played alongside Alicia Dixon at Pride 2015, Coopers Field Cardiff, in front of 15000 people.


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