Brixton-born folk singer Will Varley stays true to the roots of folk by combining personal storytelling with political statements.

started his career in typical folk fashion by playing at open-mike nights in and around London. It wasn't until 2010 that he left London for the garden of England, otherwise known as Kent. The slower pace of life and supportive folk community in Deal enabled Varley to co-found, with Cocos Lovers, an arts and folk collective called Smugglers Records. Through his newfound label, he released his debut album, Advert Soundtracks. The following year, Varley embarked on a walking tour to support the release. He began at London Bridge before heading 120 miles back to his home in Kent, carrying nothing but his guitar and a tent. Varley spent the next two years focusing on live shows, steadily building up a reputation in the political folk sphere, including appearances at the Occupy London protests and The Bank of Ideas.

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