Alt-rock band Cardinal Black epitomise the long way round. Rewind to 2010 and the Welsh-born trio of Tom Hollister (vocals), Chris Buck (guitar) and Adam Roberts (drums) were riding a wave of hype, having received a speight of stellar endorsements from some of the biggest names in rock, most notably from the iconic Steve Winwood who had invited the band to initially record at his storied Wincraft Studios.

A triumphant live set at Sonisphere in 2010 followed a phone call from the manager of Guns N’ Roses, Alan Niven who, offering his services as manager, flew the band to Arizona to begin an attempt at breaking into the notorious Nashville scene. The lure of America proved irresistible for the young trio and they made the move to Arizona to begin work on a debut album under the guidance of one of rock music's most successful managers. As invariably seems to be the case, reality rarely mirrors expectation and the band struggled to adapt during their time in the U.S; a new country, a new industry, homesickness and the classic creative differences led to the deterioration of the band's momentum, culminating in singer Tom Hollister unexpectedly calling time on the band and coming back to the UK.

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