14 Wolves sees singer Beth Dowsett continuing her tradition of creating sonic
landscapes that are at once both vast and intimate - soaring and untamed at times,
placid and sincerely personal at others. Accompanied by her longtime bandmate and
songwriting partner Tom Stupple and with producer Phill Snell (David Thomas
Broughton, Rory Mcleod), at the helm, these songs soar with meticulously crafted,
multi-hued folk, rock and psychedelia.
With new tracks recorded in the pair's home studio, a log cabin on the hillside of the
Welsh Valleys. During the process the studio became a sanctuary - a space where
to leave behind downhearted feelings about the current political landscape and focus
on the transformative power of music.
2022 sees the band on fine form with a number of live shows and festivals booked
throughout the summer to celebrate the release of new EP - Gentler Kinder Love.

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