The godfathers, the first Hip Hop superstars and one of Hip Hop’s most revelled icons attained superstardom with the hit record “Rappers Delight”. With over 12 million units sold, the group not only scored the very first Hip Hop song but the biggest selling Hip Hop record of all time. It sampled Chic’s (Nile Rodgers) disco classic ‘Good Times’ and was an instant worldwide phenomenon. TV and radio loved “Rappers Delight” just the way it was and the single became one of the biggest songs in music history.

After a 6 year hiatus, the Sugar Hill Gang featuring original members Wonder Mike & Master Gee + Hen Dogg (replacing Big Bank Hank), Rob Da’ Noize Temple and Dj Dynasty are finally back on tour together!

The live show features hit after hit spanning the group’s entire career, including their chart topping classic “Rappers Delight”. In the summer of 2009, they released their first song in 25 years with international dance Dj superstar Bob Sinclair called “La La Song,’ which quickly became an uber hit in Europe, charting in many European countries, including France and Italy. The stunning live set features a dj + mc show and live show with each band members on instruments!

Wonder Mike, Master Gee and Big Bank Hank (now replaced by Hen Dogg) scored the first and most popular Hip Hop single of all time in 1979: “Rappers Delight”.
Rappers Delight revolutionized the music industry by introducing a new art form of music throughout the world. It single-handedly influenced and inspired the Rap and Hip-Hop movements, opening the doors to one of the most powerful and popular styles of popular music EVER.

“Rappers Delight” was the first Rap song to be played on the radio & TV, exposing
millions of people to a new and exciting style of music which originated in the Bronx,
becoming one of the biggest hits in music history. It sold 60 000 units daily in 1979
and till this day remains a download hit!

Fans can expect all surviving members Wonder Mike & Master Gee with Hendogg and DJ Dynasty, they will give you a memorable performance with hits such as “Rappers Delight”,
“La La Song”, “Apache”, “8th Wonder”, “Showdown”, “Kick it live from 9 to 5”, “Living in the fast lane” and new songs.

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