Official Statement. Re: Merthyr Rising Debates Lineup / Director Resignation

Saturday 12th May 2018

Merthyr Rising Festival is a community-based festival organised mainly by volunteers, celebrating working-class culture and resistance. Our stated aims and values are available on our website.

Our talks and debates are organised by a committee of  volunteers; it is this group who democratically decide on the speaker line-up for the festival. Unfortunately, Ian Jenkins, now ex-director, had unilaterally engaged speakers to deliver talks which the organising committee do not feel are in line with the aims and values of the festival. This is not a value judgment, but a decision based purely on a good balance of topics; that is - matters of international politics and those closer to home. The directors and organising committee would like to clarify, contrary to media speculation, that neither Vanessa Beeley or Patrick Henningsen will be speaking at the festival. 

The resignation of Ian Jenkins as a director of Merthyr Rising Festival was received and accepted by the two other shareholding directors on May 10th 2018 at 10.47. After this date and time, Mr Jenkins had/has no authority to speak on behalf of the festival. Any views made public by Mr Jenkins after this date are his own, and not the views of the festival.

Lyn Williams
Merthyr Rising Festival CIC

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