Merthyr Rising launches Red Friday to help raise money for the local homeless!

Tuesday 21st November 2017

On Friday 24th Nov the western world will be going nuts as consumerism’s darkest day ‘Black Friday’ takes hold of people’s minds and wallets. 

There will be long queues, possible fighting and definite mayhem as people try to purchase an item that they more than likely don’t need, all to save a few pounds off an item that has already been price inflated to make the offer seem too good to be true. Here’s a Merthyr Rising tip, if an offer looks too good to be true, it usually is! 

As not to be outdone by the corporates, we at Merthyr Rising have decided to put our own ‘Black Friday’ offer on the table and while we won't be celebrating this crazy event per se, we definitely feel that our ‘deal’ is a far better proposition to anything available on the high street. We are highly confident that you will be filled with a warm and toasty feeling of pride should you take up our offer. We are also renaming the day ‘Red Friday’ on honour of our flag that proudly waves in all our hearts and minds. 

So what is this deal, we hear you all cry? Well, from Red Friday 24th Nov to Cyber Monday 27th, Merthyr Rising will donate 20% of all the profit from online sales of merchandise from the four days of trading to the local homeless charity to go into their Christmas fund. Now isn't that a little better than lining the pockets of the greedy multinationals? We think so! 

There will be some great new products available to purchase including Tee-shirts, mugs and much more including a special Christmas Box that will make the ideal gift for Christmas morning. 

Just follow the links below and on Nov 24th, help us help the Merthyr homeless!

Our shop is available here:

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