Merthyr Rising Festival to take a year out.

Wednesday 4th December 2019

Merthyr Rising Festival approaches its 6th year, and it has become a significant event in the Welsh festival calendar with the 2019 festival bringer bigger crowds and excellent feedback. However, after many years of hard work and sacrifices, the festival team needed to rest with the opportunity to plan the future of the festival.

Festival organiser Lyn Williams said the following “After so many years of continuous work, stress and commitment our team has decided it’s best to take a year out. We know how important the festival has become for the town. Still, we think the rest will help us deliver a plan for another five years which will see an improved model with stronger partnerships with Trade Unions, the local authority and community. The festival has a huge potential to become internationally renowned for celebrating the resistance at the birthplace of the Red Flag.“

The team apologise for the lateness of this message and we hope to see you all in 2021. Keep Rising!

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