Merthyr Rising Art Exhibition

Sponsored by Hwyl Hub

Following the success of last year’s exhibition, Merthyr Rising 2017 will see the art take to the streets of Merthyr itself.

The aim is to produce a series of posters that reflect the united spirit of defiance historically associated with the town. Centring around themes of rebellion, disobedience and cultural resilience, exhibited works will respond to the emerging political and social disaffection felt across the globe.

All selected works will be photographed, digitized and reproduced as poster prints, to be placed around town in a vibrant guerrilla style exhibition. We welcome all visual art forms, from painting and printmaking to sculpture, anything that can be displayed in our poster format.

If selected, a date will be arranged to take professional photographs of all shortlisted works. This will require delivery and pick-up of pieces, please only submit work you have access to.

In order to assure curatorial consistency we have provided a template as a guide.

Please note that all works will be printed to fill a portrait frame. As a result, uncropped landscapes might not be appropriate, orientation will be considered in the selection process.

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"Art is the only power to free humankind from all repression."
- Joseph Beuys